Welcome to the Moving Rainbow

Learn Computer Science the fun way!

Moving Rainbow is a Arduino-based hardware kit and set of labs to teach students the basic concepts of Computer Science using some fun electronics components. We focus on the use of Arduinos, breadboards and addressable LED strips to create fun projects.

Being able to control the world around us creates a wonderful feeling of empowerment. We are no longer limited to what our cellphone or laptop can do. We can program lights and motors around to obey our every command. The Moving Rainbow kits will be your guide. You will start out with a simple blink lab but quickly move to exotic colors, patterns and motion. We can even hook up sensors to change the LEDs based on what is happening in the world around us.

Book Versions

In addition to reading the manual directly on GitHub there are two versions of this book that are rendered in on-line book forms:

  1. Github Pages
  2. Read the Docs Book
  3. GitBook

Moving Rainbow Addressable LED Kits

Although this guide is designed to work with a simple kit of parts you can purchase on-line for about $13, it can be used by anyone that has an Arduino and a addressable LED strip. You can find sample links to the parts on the Bill of Materials page.

Once you have become familiar with the Arduino and the LED kit you can then try your hand at using the CoderDojo Robot Kits. These labs use two simple DC motors to create a $30 collision avoidance robot.

For questions please contact: Dan McCreary (dan.mccreary (at) gmail.com)

Good Luck!

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